Adoptive Parents, Stop Hiding Your Kids’ Stories From Them

“All we know is your birth mother’s name, (name lastname), and that you were born in San Antonio. We don’t know if she was married. We don’t know if you have siblings.”

I have my adoption file. I found it while cleaning out my mother’s apartment months after her death. It has my hospital records, forms from the agency that my birth mother filled out, names and addresses of both her and my birth father’s families, my parents’ home study, and letters of recommendation from my parents’ friends in favor of them adopting. I was so grief-stricken, I didn’t even process what I had just found out until a full year later.

They may not have had this my whole life. They might have received it ten years ago when my biological sister contacted the agency. But, even then, that was ten years ago. I’ll never know, it seems; my mom is dead and my dad says he’s never seen it, before. I don’t know what to think, or feel.

Don’t lie to your children about their biological relatives. That information is THEIRS. Not yours. It is THEIR story, and it does not belong to you.

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