Queer Imposter Syndrome

"The actual imposters will never feel imposter syndrome."I've never heard of this before, and reading it felt so validating. I've been saying I'm bisexual ever since I started going to a women's college fifteen years ago. I thought that maybe it was because I was exploring, but no, I was definitely attracted to certain women... Continue Reading →

I Will Not Stop Roaring.

Timing is everything. Something my mom's friend once said to me and my husband. Growth cannot be forced. We are different people before and after every transformation, and we never know when those transformations are coming or who we will become. The right timing isn't necessarily when you think it'll be right, and most of... Continue Reading →

Gotcha Day

Yeah. I hate it. I mean no offense to my friends who use the term, but as an adult adoptee who has gone through the adoptee fog (is still), I have to say I find it tactless, insensitive, childish, and rude. It makes me, personally, feel like I'm a thing that was obtained. Gotten. Purchased.... Continue Reading →

My Story Is Mine.

Please. Even if you think they aren't capable of handling certain information. Even if you're worried about what they might think of you or anyone else.Children are capable of so much and they are smarter and wiser than adults give them credit for. Tell them. Even if you think the secret is too big.


https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/mind-guest-blog/the-emotional-blindness-of-alexithymia/?fbclid=IwAR3eCFBKL1_Z7AKjxzoWV3_qG2rxIpj2emJmyIpMmA7HjXvfInpjWCkTLKE "Alexithymia has two dimensions – a cognitive dimension, where a child or adult struggles to identify, interpret and verbalize feelings (the “thinking” part of our emotional experience). And an affective dimension, where difficulties arise in reacting, expressing, feeling and imagining (the “experiencing” part of our emotional experience)."I have always felt ashamed for being unable... Continue Reading →

“I Wish I Was Adopted”

I never understood why I didn't like when people say they wish they were adopted until I read this excerpt this morning. I get that those people are hurting and have experienced trauma, but adoption is also trauma. A whole other different world of trauma. And while traumas should never be compared, they are different.... Continue Reading →

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