Gotcha Day

Yeah. I hate it. I mean no offense to my friends who use the term, but as an adult adoptee who has gone through the adoptee fog (is still), I have to say I find it tactless, insensitive, childish, and rude. It makes me, personally, feel like I'm a thing that was obtained. Gotten. Purchased.... Continue Reading →

Adoptee Walls

*Trigger warning: self harm*Though I have been open about this with a few people, I've never been public about it, so writing this is a bit nerve wracking. I am not being open for pity. In fact, pity is one of my triggers so please respect that. I don't write for that kind of attention... Continue Reading →

The Truth Is “Too Much”

THIS. Same exact thing. I've lost more friends in the past year (summer to summer) than I have in my entire life. And you know what? I'm fine with it. Because I was fake (unintentionally; I just didn't know who I really was) and they were fake (for whatever reason) and couldn't handle the bluntness... Continue Reading →

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