“I Wish I Was Adopted”

I never understood why I didn't like when people say they wish they were adopted until I read this excerpt this morning. I get that those people are hurting and have experienced trauma, but adoption is also trauma. A whole other different world of trauma. And while traumas should never be compared, they are different.... Continue Reading →

Adoptee Walls

*Trigger warning: self harm*Though I have been open about this with a few people, I've never been public about it, so writing this is a bit nerve wracking. I am not being open for pity. In fact, pity is one of my triggers so please respect that. I don't write for that kind of attention... Continue Reading →

To Feel Adopted

'Adopted' as a feeling is profoundly complex. Even in the absolute best of situations, an adoptee will feel 'adopted' at some points in their life. What this feeling means to each individual is completely relative and situational, and there is an almost infinite amount of variables. It can depend on whether they know or don't... Continue Reading →

We Are Adoptees.

HEY, YOU. Yes, YOU. All of you non-adopted people. None of you know what it's like to be adopted. No one expects you to, either. You can't possibly understand fully because you are not adopted. However, there are a few things I would like to address, and hopefully clear up.You don't know what it feels... Continue Reading →

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