The Truth Is “Too Much”

THIS. Same exact thing. I've lost more friends in the past year (summer to summer) than I have in my entire life. And you know what? I'm fine with it. Because I was fake (unintentionally; I just didn't know who I really was) and they were fake (for whatever reason) and couldn't handle the bluntness... Continue Reading →

Is Adoption Love?

This is my response to a shared post written by The Evolving Adoptee on her facebook page, which is below in quotes. I agree with The Evolving Adoptee. Though there IS love in adoption, adoption is not just about love. It is a traumatic experience that will follow and affect that child for their entire... Continue Reading →

To Feel Adopted

'Adopted' as a feeling is profoundly complex. Even in the absolute best of situations, an adoptee will feel 'adopted' at some points in their life. What this feeling means to each individual is completely relative and situational, and there is an almost infinite amount of variables. It can depend on whether they know or don't... Continue Reading →

We Are Adoptees.

HEY, YOU. Yes, YOU. All of you non-adopted people. None of you know what it's like to be adopted. No one expects you to, either. You can't possibly understand fully because you are not adopted. However, there are a few things I would like to address, and hopefully clear up.You don't know what it feels... Continue Reading →

Reading “The Primal Wound”

I have always been open about my adoption, as has my mom. Though perhaps I have been more so. However, I never explored my feelings about it or the psychology of an adoptee because it has been drilled into me, as it has for other adoptees and the rest of society, that it doesn't matter... Continue Reading →


Hi, everyone! Welcome to my head. I hope it doesn't scare you off. I've been writing a blog on and off for a year on Wix but decided to move here due to a friend's suggestion, and changes Wix made that I dislike. I'll be moving my older blog posts over here and writing a... Continue Reading →

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