Queer Imposter Syndrome

"The actual imposters will never feel imposter syndrome."I've never heard of this before, and reading it felt so validating. I've been saying I'm bisexual ever since I started going to a women's college fifteen years ago. I thought that maybe it was because I was exploring, but no, I was definitely attracted to certain women... Continue Reading →

To Feel Adopted

"My mom never made me feel adopted. My dad did," I told my therapist in today's session. It put a lot of things into perspective for me in the minuscule span of a few seconds. 'Adopted' as a feeling is profoundly complex. Even in the absolute best of situations, an adoptee will feel 'adopted' at... Continue Reading →


Jasmine's new song "Speechless" in the live action Aladdin speaks to me so, SO much as an adoptee, as a victim of narcissistic abuse, as a woman, as a child of a rich man. I've been listening to all three versions nonstop (there are part 1 and part 2 from the movie, and Naomi Scott's... Continue Reading →

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